Commercial Window Cleaning

Any business owner knows how important it is to keep a clean image. He also knows how difficult it is to find reliable vendors that allow you to focus on your business operations. That’s why we’re here…

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Service is perfect for buildings that are 3 stories or less. Our window cleaning service is for retail stores, industrial complexes, or even mid-rise commercial buildings.

We employ the industry’s latest window washing technology, which is a pure-water system and a water-fed-pole. This system is faster than traditional window cleaning techniques because pure-water is an aggressive, yet safe cleaning agent. Pure-water dries spot-free so your windows will dry spot-free and streak-free.

This pure-water system also ensures that the windows will be cleaner than traditional methods because it allows the technician to clean the window frames while cleaning the window panes.

The best part is that the time we save means more money in your budget to invest into your business!

If you want more than a one-time clean, we offer maintenance programs, ranging anywhere from bi-monthly to annually to keep your business looking sharp at a reasonable price.

We had our windows cleaned at our house, inside and out. JBS did an excellent job! The window cleaner was very professional and polite and very detailed! We were very impressed with his work and thrilled with the results! I would highly recommend JBS Window Cleaning!

Thank you, J. Burnette - Thousand Oaks, Ca