Residential Window Cleaning

When we arrive, we usually start on the inside of the house and we remove the screens.

While we are on the insides, we wear shoe covers and we scrub and vacuum the window tracts.

Then we clean the glass with a safe bio-degradable soap that is completely safe to use on window tinting.

We use a no-drip method and we carry our buckets around on a drop-canvas. After we finish detailing the inside windows, we move our operation to the outside.

On the outside, we wash and dry the screens.

On the exterior windows, we clean both windows and frames. If there are any bug marks, or any other debris; we either use the industry’s best window scraper with stainless steel blades or very fine steel wool. This ensures that your windows will look like new and be scratch-free.

Paint and over spray wil be an additional charge.

Then we re-wet the window and squeegee it clean. After detailing the edges with a special lint-free linen, your windows will be smiling from edge to edge.

We offer window cleaning discounts for customers who maintain their windows on a regular basis. When we service your windows, we can discuss a personalized window cleaning program.

We had our windows cleaned at our house, inside and out. JBS did an excellent job! The window cleaner was very professional and polite and very detailed! We were very impressed with his work and thrilled with the results! I would highly recommend JBS Window Cleaning!

Thank you, J. Burnette - Thousand Oaks, Ca